Paracord Bracelet and Hidden Handcuff Key

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The bad guys use handcuffs, too.  The best way to get out of handcuffs is via a handcuff key, and this bracelet provides you with a hidden, plastic handcuff key.  The bracelet is also made out of genuine 550 cord (a.k.a. paracord).  If Dirty Harry wore a bracelet, this would be it.

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In addition to providing you with the ability to get out of handcuffs, if and only if, a bad guy puts you in them, this bracelet provides you with several feet of useable 550 cord.  This stuff is fanastic; it’s crazy strong, and there are a gazillion survival uses for it.  We go over a number of ways to use paracord in the HIATUS course, and if you are wondering to yourself, “Hoo-wee, that paracord stuff sure is neat.  I’d like to get some, and I also want a hidden handcuff key.  Where can I get that in one awesome package?”  Wonder no more.

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